Patrick Fürst

Technologist and Developer


Set in Stone

To celebrate the opening of the world's longest rail tunnel, the Swiss canton of Uri asked Projektil to create a spectacular interactive installation.
Therefore, we rebuilt the famous “Teufelsstein” in a scale of 1:2 and used it as a 360° projection surface with 15 interactive crystals.

The interactive crystals showed selected photographs from Uri, and when touching a crystal a hidden message was revealed.

Made with openFrameworks.


Client: Kanton Uri
Event Agency: Herger Imholz AG
Art Director: Christian Indermauer
Animation: Christian Indermaur
Software Development: Patrick Fürst
Sensor Development: Fabian Schmidt
Production: Jonas Staub
Mapping Software: Martin Fröhlich
Video Credits: Gabriel Tineo
Stone Produktion: BOST Production GmbH