Patrick Fürst

Technologist and Developer


Working at the intersection between software, hardware and conceptual design, Patrick Fürst is an engineer, developer and digital art enthusiast currently based in Vienna. He tries to expand his horizon day by day and experiments with every technology he can get his hands on.

Sharing knowledge, contributing to open-source projects and meeting like-minded people are some of his passions and beliefs.

After graduating from HTL of Electrical Engineering and later from Vienna University of Technology in Media Informatics and Visual Computing he has been working for several digital art studios including Beauty Parlour, Neon Golden,, Minivegas and Projektil.

He has a sound knowledge of C++, OpenGL, WebGL, GLSL, Python, Cinder, Openframeworks, Touchdesigner, Unity, Git, Bash and is experienced in building electrical installations which include Raspberry Pis, LEDs, sensors, and much more.

For enquiries, suggestions or to just say hi, send an email to