Patrick Fürst

Technologist and Developer

Underwater Love

Four constantly changing underwater scenes, from shallow coral reef waters to colorful deep sea environments.

Generated in real-time with a resolution of two times 4k, visitors were invited to discover the beauty and diversity of our oceans.
Projektil collaborated with Live Lab to create this immersive experience, projected onto a 28 meter wide dome in the middle of Davos, Switzerland.

For this project I created a custom flocking simulation system as well as custom animation shaders in order to be able to simulate thousands of fishes in real time.

Commissioned by: Tata Consultancy Service + Live Lab AG
Production: Projektil
Art Director: Christian Indermauer
Producer: Jonas Staub, Ignacio Fernández Montes
Designer: Christian Indermaur, Immanuel Wagner, Flavian Schwitter
Software Development: Patrick Fürst