Patrick Fürst

Technologist and Developer

Type Reinvented

Type Reinvented are three digital art installations–SENSUAL POWER, GLYPH.INDEX, and RESPONSIVE ENERGY–which explore the future of typography.

Sensual Power, which was presented at Le Book conference in Paris, and Glyph.Index, which was realised at Resonate Festival in Belgrade, are both interactive installations.

The overall framework for these installations was created with openFrameworks , V8 Javasscript Engine and Skia.
V8 enabled us to work more quickly once it was setup and Skia is a nice C++ Object-Oriented 2D graphics library which we used for font rendering.


Commissioned by Monotype
Created by FIELD

Creative Direction by Marcus Wendt
Production by Valtteri Laihanen, Vera-Maria Glahn

Software Development by David Li, Patrick Fürst, Tak Fung, Marco Weber
Documentary by Santiago Arbelaez – La Familia

Sensual Power
Art Direction + Design by Hudson-Powell
Software Development by David Li, Patrick Fürst
Sound Design by Box of Toys Audio
Filming by Colin Solal Cardo
Edit by Aurelien Boisson
Grade by Josh Warren at Okay Studio

Responsive Energy
Animation by Julien Simshauser, Matt Evans, Fernando Magalhães
Documentary by Pablo Rivera at La Familia
Sounddesign by Jochen Mader