Patrick Fürst

Technologist and Developer

Light Ragaz

Immersive night walk

Showcasing the power of the elements at Tamina Gorge near Bad Ragaz, Projektil created Light Ragaz. Light Ragaz is a 1km long immersive night walk that takes you through a tunnel and the 80m high rocks of the gorge, where visitors meet fabulous creatures inspired by the area’s myths and legends.


Client: Light Ragaz Management GmbH
Production: Projektil
Creative Director: Roman Beranek
Art Director: Christian Indermauer
Producer: Jonas Staub, Ignacio Fernández Montes
Marketing and Communications: Philippe Trawnika
Cinema Motion Graphics: Moritz Flachsmann, Immanuel Wagner, Christian Indermauer
Houdini Motion Graphics: Patrick Fürst
Software & Interaction Development: Patrick Fürst
Scenery: Theres Indermauer
Technology Partner: Rebsamen