Patrick Fürst

Technologist and Developer

Grelle Forelle

In December 2011, Grelle Forelle opened its doors at the Danube canal and quickly turned into one of Vienna's hippest electronic nightclubs featuring internationally renowned artists every weekend.

Beauty Parlour was asked to create a visual concept for the club which stands out from the numerous other nightclubs which mostly rely on video projection set ups. The light installation is made up of different light types in each room.

To control the hundreds of LED lights spread across the venue, I developed a software. As we work a lot with Quartz Composer we decided to not abandon it and use Syphon to share the video frames between Quartz Composer and our application. The video input from Quartz Composer is used to control the different lights over DMX signals.

You might think of MadMapper’s MadLight feature – and yeah, it’s pretty much the same, except that it was released almost one year later.

The application was developed with Cinder and for the communication I used the Artnet protocol in combination with an Enttec DMX node.

 I started to write the application new from ground up in Objective-C. The most important reason was due to the lack of a good GUI in Cinder back then. (see the pictures 🙂 )

You will find more information about the whole installation here.


Production: Beauty Parlour
Director, Concept: Stefan Kainbacher
Production Manager: Johannes Früh
Developer: Patrick Fürst
Renderings: Tobias Müller
Construction: Roland Kainbacher, Thomas Waidhofer, John Boros, Stefan Herbert, Benjamin Bornschein, David Böhler