Patrick Fürst

Technologist and Developer

Electr. Oper

ElectrOper was the first electronic music event ever to take place at Vienna State Opera. The event featured artists like Carl Craig, Moritz van Oswald and Francesco Tristano as well as a visual live performance, including a huge 3D projection mapping, which was designed and produced by Beauty Parlour/Neongolden.

Most of the content for the visual performance was pre-rendered in Cinema 4D. On the night of the performance, Quartz Composer (QC) served as the mixing and playback tool as well as a Syphon client for a bespoke software that I created. This software used pre-calculated perspective matrices to render the sculpture for each projector and added controllable real time effects such as moving light sources, blur, etc. In order to handle all the projections we used three MacBooks. One served as the controller which broadcasted OSC messages and the others as players.

More info about the scenography here.


Director, Concept: Stefan Kainbacher
Production: TurboProjects, Beauty Parlour
Visual System: Johannes Früh
Development: Patrick Fürst
Architecture: Hannes Hilpold
Motion Design: Florian Herweg, Skandar Baakili, Tobias Müller
Modelling: Philipp Arnold
Content Creation: Susanne Kiesenhofer
Editing: Bernhard Schuub
Construction: Thomas Waidhofer, Roland Kainbacher
Communication: Marlene Leichtfried
Documentation: Merlin Rammel