Patrick Fürst

Technologist and Developer

Draw A Ring

Draw a Ring is a an app which enables the user to shape a personal piece of jewellery in an intuitive and playful way. Common and familiar everyday gestures find its poetic counterpart in the virtual world. The app is based on an emotional interface to create personalised jewellry made for 3D printing.

We started by testing different procedures for the ring creation in Rhino, to get a feeling of how it would look like after each step.

I then started implementing it with C++ and Directx 11.1. One big issue was the mesh processing and which library to use, due to the fact that it wasn’t that easy to find one, which compiles also on the WinRT platform. Finally, I decided to use OpenMesh and successfully compiled it for the WinRT platform.

We were invited by Microsoft to present our app at their Influencer Event at Vienna University of Economics and Business in November 2013.


Design: Stefan Kainbacher and Marianne Stålhös
Animation: Skandar Baakili
Rhino and 3D prototyping: Hannes Hilpold
Software development: Patrick Fürst